Promoting Bangladesh

Nymphea Publication has been actively working for the last 22 years to articulate and promote a positive image of Bangladesh on national and international platforms. Our books convey the history, art, heritage, culture and tradition, and the natural beauty of Bangladesh. As Bangladesh is celebrating the Golden Jubilee of its independence in the year 2021, we have taken preparation to observe this glorious occasion by highlighting unique coffee-table pictorial books that we have published thus far.

Nymphea Publication has already set up “Bangladesh Corner” at different governmental organizations, hotels, resorts and cafes, airport lounges, and book stores. Being a proud representative of the country, our partners in this venture uphold the spirit of Bangladesh by joining hands with us. A few of the Bangladesh Corners are exhibited below.

Join hands with us

  • Set a Bangladesh Corner at your premises
  • Get books on Bangladesh to present as corporate gifts
  • Present books on Bangladesh to a friend